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Brestas Niκolaοs

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Nikolaos Brestas was born in 1925 in Paramythia, Thesprotia. After primary school he went to Ioannina where he was introduced to the art of photography by photographer Gioxaris.
He has also worked with photographer Panagiotis Mandelo for many years.
He served his military service as a photographer at the GES.
He continued his work in the difficult conditions of occupation as in the years that followed.
He captured with his photographic lens social events and snapshots of everyday life in the Paramythia area but also in the wider area of ​​Thesprotia and beyond.
With this rich archive he managed to create one of the most important sources of historical photographic material for today's Fairy Tale region.
Nikos Brestas, as the locals call him, continues his work and still lives today in the Paramythia-based photography studio, conveying his passion and love for photography to his son Dimitris Brestas as well as to his well-known grandson Nikos Bresta and the Lesser of the George Brestas Family


Brestas Dimitrios

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Brestas Nikolaos


Brestas Georgios

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